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The applicant had been a nun serving the Catholic community for more than 15 years. Nuns are moved around a lot, and she didn't want her resume to give the false impression that she was a 96 Gallery of Best Resumes 45 "job hopper." The writer therefore focused on the applicant's accomplishments, credentials, and teaching testimonials so as not to draw attention to dates of employment. The administrators' testimonials near both the beginning and the end are tributes to the candidate and the quality of her teaching.

Sample Elementary Teacher Resume

Alyssa Bethenny Lachey
56 Thomas Apartments, Happy Street, New York, 52364 • 649-458-7799 •


ELEMENTARY EDUCATOR with more than 20 years of experience fostering academic learning and enhancing critical-thinking abilities. Incorporate effective cooperative learning techniques and unique classroom management style to establish creative and stimulating classroom environment. Dedicated, resourceful teacher skilled in building rapport and respect with students and student teachers.

Honored with New Teacher Mentor Award for Outstanding Service (2004)

"Miss Cassidy is an exceptional teacher. She is respectful to and of her students, and that respect is reciprocated. Using a variety of materials and techniques, Miss Cassidy challenges her students to excel. Her classroom is a warm, nurturing atmosphere where children are called to be their best selves." A.F., School Administrator


Instructional II-Permanent Certification, State of Pennsylvania (2002)

Master of Arts-ANY UNIVERSITY (1994)

B.S., Elementary Education-ANY STATE COLLEGE (1988)


  • Successful in developing and executing Everyday Math Program at John Smith Elementary School (1999). Implementation of program resulted in overall math grades improvement by 180 points in 2002 (versus previousyear scores) along with instituting greater math awareness and mathematical thinking among all students. Participated in ongoing staff development and district training sessions to ensure utilization of hands-on, cooperative learning approach along with reinforcement and assessment techniques.
  • Selected to serve as Middle States Team Evaluator for Brooklyn Diocese School System (1998). Collaborated with four colleagues in accreditation process comprised of interviewing teachers, meeting with committee, writing evaluation report, and creating recommended action plan. Conducted comprehensive academic assessment in similar capacity as Catholic Elementary School Evaluator for Diocese of Camden (1995).
  • Directed and facilitated Multidisciplinary Learning Project at John Smith Elementary School to meet promotional requirements for students graduating to fifth grade (1999-2002). Through intensive interaction, students developed research, writing, and computer skills to accomplish long-term school project (with City Year members) and effectively strengthen individual student knowledge, pride, and enthusiasm with 90% passing rate.


Metropolitan Public School District 1999-Present


Four years of experience at John Smith Elementary School. Plan, implement, and evaluate various curriculum areas. Encourage cooperative learning and peer interaction, and increase achievement levels among disadvantaged and challenged students. Appointed by principal as Grade Chairman and Mentor (2000-2003).


Sacred Heart School 1995-1998

Three years of experience instructing students in subject areas of reading, integrated language arts, religion, and social studies. Coordinated and implemented language arts program for first- to fourth-grade students.

State Area Parochial School System 1989-1995

    ELEMENTARY TEACHER-Third and Fourth Grade
    • Saint Joseph Regional School
    • Blessed Sacrament School
    • Our Lady of Perpetual Help

    Metropolitan Parochial School System 1978-1988

ELEMENTARY TEACHER-First and Second Grade
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary School
  • Our Lady of the Holy Souls School
  • Saint Timothy School


"Judith has, from the outset, displayed a level of professional competence and a striving for professional development which has benefited her students, our staff, and the entire school community in concrete ways. She introduced and implemented a variety of innovative classroom management strategies, such as Workshop Way and Integrated Language Arts, having been the first to pilot such a program in our school. She has challenged and motivated students to achievement and activities which have not only developed each child's personal gifts and talents, but also developed cooperative learning strategies to foster collaboration and interaction among her students." G.S., Principal

"Judy's professionalism, enthusiasm, and talent as a teacher are evident on a daily basis. Judy employs a thematic approach, and the varied learning experiences the children have to showcase their talents are not just one-time activities but related to all curriculum areas.
Judy is comfortable with and flexible in following many different styles of administration and has been recommended to assume leadership roles many times during her career."
F.B., School Administrator

Attended and participated in various courses from 1998-2004, including
  • The Middle Years Literacy Framework
  • Middle Years Balanced Literacy
  • Academy of Reading Program
  • Bringing Curriculum to Life
  • Bringing Curriculum to Life
  • Professional Education for Central-East AAO
  • Rigby Guided Reading & Literature Circles
  • Improving Decision-Making/Values Clarification
  • Improving Ability to Communicate Mathematically
  • Everyday Math Program & PowerPoint for Educators

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