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As an executive, this individual had vast expertise. The writer put experience and achievements related to the applicant's goal toward the beginning of the document. She mentioned less-related experience with a Fortune 500 company in a short italic paragraph at the end of the Professional Experience section. Achievements stand out in the Career Accomplishments section after the profile, and in the Professional Experience section under each Accomplishments side subheading in italic.

Sample General Counsel VP Resume

Mathew Morris
25th Lane Avenue, Old Road, Georgina • Home: 00658-21589-98754 • Cell: 00125-4587-9685

HR Infrastructure & Planning ~ Generalist Functions ~ Employment & Business Law

Multi-faceted, results-oriented Senior HR Executive with comprehensive experience demonstrating quantifiable achievements and expertise encompassing all facets of legal, management and human resource generalist functions. Combines unique blend of visionary leadership and executive business savvy with competencies to spearhead strategic planning and execution of core staffing, operational and administrative initiatives to drive overall HR, organizational and bottom-line financial performance.

• Multi-Site Operations Management • Project/Financial Management • Merger/Acquisition Integration
• Industrial/Employee Relations • Benefits/Compensation Design • Policy/Process/Systems Design
• Staff Performance Optimization • Union/Non-Union Relations • Business/Corporate Litigation


TimeField Corporation

  • Revitalized morale of support services staff, improved client satisfaction and optimized overall organizational efficiencies through motivation/mentoring of underperformers and streamlining policies and procedures, including implementation of computerized work-order systems.
  • Captured cost savings of $200,000 for contracted services within first year through elimination of previous reliance on expensive outside contractors.
  • Transformed support services functions into high-producing team through execution of numerous turnaround strategies including corporate-wide conversion to Kronos computerized payroll system that secured improved attendance, payroll processing and performance-management functions.
  • Consistently captured cost savings on premium renewals for employee benefit plans while obtaining improved benefit plans through facilitation of strategic negotiations.


TimeField Corporation, Los Angeles, CA 1987-Present
Human Services and Healthcare Provider to 25,000 clients locally, regionally and internationally with $60 million budget and 1,200 employees spanning 52 sites, across four states.

General Counsel / Vice President of Support Services (1990-Present)

  • Diverse role, accountable for $4 million budget and 13 staff, spearheading direction and execution of strategic initiatives to secure optimal performance across 10 functions encompassing legal, human resources, corporate and healthcare services procurement, risk management, training and development, information management, conference management and office services and telecommunications.
  • Key member of executive team, providing ongoing tactical support, advice and presentations to President and Board of Directors in goal setting and achievement of corporate growth objectives.
  • Distinguished track record for management and delivery of corporate-level functions and activities within HR, compensation/benefit administration, recruitment, training, performance management, diversity, EEO/AAP, HRIS, Safety, corporate-wide MIS, purchasing and risk management.
  • Legal counsel handling a broad spectrum of corporate and program matters with sole responsibilities with investigation, negotiation, litigation and settlement across business law, employment law, commercial transactions, housing law, construction, real estate, elder-care law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, bond financings, risk management and family law matters.


  • Pioneered and directed five functions that improved organizational effectiveness, reduced costs and generated revenue including risk management, corporate purchasing, conference-management services, telecommunications and office services.
  • Championed consistently high ratings from local, state and federal inspections, demonstrating leadership and direction expertise.
  • Exceptional litigation record, winning 100% of 150 cases handled since 1990 within Administration, State and Federal court matters.
  • Collected $700,000 in damages across broad spectrum of cases, and captured over $500,000 cost savings in legal fees by personally performing work previously assigned to external high-profile legal firms.
  • Improved collection system and dispute-resolution system for three nursing homes, 550 hospital beds and 2,000 housing units through creation and execution of turnaround solutions.
  • Designed, planned, executed and directed successful $400,000 telecommunications project.

Vice President of Support Services (1987-1990)

  • Oversaw administration and operation departments with $6 million budget, including employee benefit programs and purchasing volume across 52 sites, with increasingly responsible duties proportionate to 300% budget increase during that time.
  • Directed, supported and mentored 12-100 employees located at 50 sites across four states.
  • Reviewed all employment disciplinary and employment law-related matters. Accomplishments
  • Re-engineered six core departments that facilitated 300% corporate growth.
  • Achieved successful outcomes in all employment law matters, spearheading management of each case independently from beginning through completion.
  • Captured significant improvement in staff morale and productivity through participative management style and introduction of innovative performance-optimizing strategies.
  • Implemented strategic cost-reduction initiatives that secured consistent budget savings of 5%-10%.

Previous experience demonstrating expertise spearheading development and expedition of grievance-resolution and arbitration programs; litigation of unfair labor practices; and staff training and development across both public and private sectors, including Fortune 500 entity.


Juris Doctor

Master of Science-Major: Industrial Relations

B achelor of Arts in Urban Studies


Senior Professional in Human Resources-Society for Human Resource Management

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