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The individual wanted to get out of education and was looking for anything that her background might qualify her for. The writer put together many versions of the person's resume. This particular version was very successful in getting the applicant interviews as a grant writer/development officer. She even got an offer sight unseen from a local community college; on the basis of her resume, it was assumed that she could write. Note the use of keywords at the bottom of page two.

Sample Grant Writer Resume

William Kales
8322, North 22 St • Carlisle, MA 209, • (652)-562 7220

Accomplished teacher, trainer and administrator with extensive leadership experience and a flair for public relations and communications


  • Wealth of experience, including 13 years in highly visible and demanding leadership roles.
  • Skilled grant writer with strong understanding of fund-raising strategies.
  • Critical thinker. Able to develop compelling arguments.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills. Easily build productive, enduring relationships.
  • Recognized as effective spokesperson for departmental programs and interests.
  • Skilled in creatively promoting new products and programs.
  • Energetic and organized. Able to effectively handle the demands of multiple projects.
  • Committed to ideals of excellence.


Grant Writing/Communications

  • Working as a freelance grant writer, wrote effective grant proposals for organizations such as the Girl Scouts, Special Olympics, and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce.
  • In leadership roles for local school board, wrote grant proposals to gain funding for key programs.
  • Actively promoted all ancillary educational programs in the community. Represented township in the community-at-large.
  • Developed the role of Director of Education, serving as liaison between the board of education and the local community. Policy Development and Administration
  • Established standards and goals and set up new policies and procedures to support them, bringing new credibility to the school system.
  • Worked as liaison in helping individual groups set up consistent policies and procedures.
  • As a member of the Board of Regents of financially troubled school, developed policy to ensure financial stability and initiated capital campaign.


  • Supervised activities of 350 employees and 500 volunteers in providing for the education of 1,600 children.
  • Oversaw education budget in excess of $5 million. Hired and trained key employees.
  • Stepped in as interim principal of troubled school and orchestrated its turnaround.
  • Partnered with principal of struggling school and successfully facilitated the achievement of full-term accreditation.
  • Effectively coached and mentored teachers and principals, helping them to hone their skills and motivating them to reach goals.
  • Provided oversight function for district school.

Teaching and Mentoring

  • Earned certificate in elementary education.
  • Prepared training materials and delivered courses for students in all stages of life—children, college students, and adult learners.
  • Initiated mentoring program for principals and entry-level teachers.
  • Developed training and certification program for volunteer instructors. Assessment
  • Chaired 12 different visiting committees commissioned to evaluate schools and develop plans for improvement. Acted as resource to facilitate change.
  • Assessed suitability of training materials for a given audience and program goal.
  • Managed performance assessment of teachers and principals.

Independent Contractor 2000 to present
Grant Writer

Los Alamos Board of Education, Los Alamos, NV 1981 to 2000
Director of Education, 1997 to 2000

Responsible for coordinating the activities and personnel of various groups and articulating the educational goals of the Board.

  • Served as liaison between schools and state and federal government, and between the Board and the community.
  • Developed policy handbooks.

    Superintendent of Schools, 1996 to 2000 Responsible for hiring, supervising, and evaluating principals and maintaining school standards across schools in the local district.

  • Chaired committees to assess schools and recommend plans for improvements.

    Principal, Los Alamos School, 1990 to 1996

  • Provided direction and leadership while handling day-to-day management issues.

    Classroom Teacher, 1986 to 1990

  • Taught 2nd and 7th grade, as well as 5th- to 8th-grade English.


Master of Education in Educational Administration, University of California, 1990 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, University of California, 1986

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