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The applicant had started a consulting business so that she could control her hours while raising children. Now that they were in school, she wanted to return to nonprofit management. Her original four-page resume listed every short-term consulting assignment and buried nonprofit experience at the end. She looked like a job hopper and was getting no interviews. The writer created a two-page resume that put nonprofit experience first. The client received multiple job offers within two months.

Sample Independent Contractor/ Consultant Resume

Alyssa Bethenny Lachey
56 Thomas Apartments, Happy Street, New York, 52364 • 649-458-7799 •


Operations/Project Management: Proven record in conceiving and transmitting vision into reality, mission into action and philosophy into practice. Strategic planning expertise combines with dynamic leadership, resulting in the efficient operation of organizational programs. Focused problem solver who identifies organizational needs and delivers effective solutions on time and under budget in both nonprofit and business environments.

Human Resources/Training: Recruiting, mentoring and supervising staff in the delivery of quality programs. Development and facilitation of staff development, leadership training and other workshops. Adept at fostering cooperation and building successful cross-functional team relationships at all levels in multicultural environments.

Fiscal & Grant Management: Planning and administration of all financial and budgeting activities related to program operations, including preparation of audits and financial reports as well as securing grant funding.

Program Development/Community Relations: Experienced in designing and managing innovative programs that achieve organizational goals. Effective in developing community partnerships and building awareness for organizational activities/events through public relations, fundraising and outreach efforts.


Independent Contractor/Consultant (1997-present)

Consult with companies to provide expertise in the areas of strategic planning, training and development, operations, information technology, sales and customer service. Major Engagements:

  • Lane-Brown Consulting Group: Designed content and facilitated various sales training programs for managementlevel personnel of client companies in diverse industries. Created templates and developed processes for core consulting projects; designed and implemented e-business website to market organizational development products. Contributed to development and design of human resources policy and procedural manuals.
  • McKenzie Worldwide: As consultant/liaison with 500+ staff members of the Business Consulting Practice, provided strategic planning for technology projects, including ongoing technical support coordination, research, resolution of high-end customer issues and continuous improvement. Contributed to development of an effective implementation process to assess resource requirements, communications and accountability procedures.
  • First Bank: Provided leadership support for an online banking project and trained 12 project managers on desktop tools; maintained and authored key project database; maintained and audited $250,000 in asset inventory. Assisted in defining project scope, scheduling of resources and cost controlling.
  • Morris Corporation: Contributed technical support and project management capabilities to ITS Group Field Engineering, Professional Services and Sales. Effectively defined project scope, scheduled resources and controlled costs. Produced key documents: critical path analysis, project implementation plans and fault escalation procedures.


Program Director (1996-1997)

Provided strategic planning and leadership in the administration of youth programs for boys and girls ages 5-18 of diverse multicultural backgrounds. Scope of responsibilities included operations, human resources, financial/grant management, program development, fundraising, facilities, marketing, public relations and community outreach. Recruited, trained and supervised staff of 10. Managed $300,000 annual budget. Key accomplishments:

  • Initiated and implemented innovative programs such as anger management, diversity awareness, book club, boys' programs, coed programs and girls' program incorporating health/fitness, self-esteem and related themes.
  • Led successful efforts in preparation for American Camping Association Accreditation; managed programs that surpassed all governmental standards.
  • Redesigned, revitalized and expanded a floundering day-camp program, increasing attendance to 400 participants.
  • Built a cohesive team environment through training, staff/leadership development and diversity initiatives.
  • Wrote grants and secured funding from a variety of private and governmental resources for new programming.

CAMP ROSEN, Portland, OR
Program Director (1994-1996)

Initially managed the 8-week residential camp program and subsequently selected for the Program Director position to increase minority participation and staffing as well as design and manage day-camp program. Directed all aspects of approximately 50 youth programs annually serving 1,100 girls of all economic and social backgrounds. Accountable for program design, development and delivery, staff recruitment and training, and day-to-day management of facilities and operations. Program specialty areas included HIV/AIDS training for adults and youths and life skills planning. Community outreach efforts included public relations and presentations to various groups. Managed $250,000 annual budget. Ensured continuing accreditation with local, state and camping associations. Key accomplishments:

  • Designed and implemented leadership training program for teenage girls; program included mentoring and job skills training.
  • Expanded the introduction of innovative programs in health and safety, HIV/AIDS awareness, environmental education, conflict resolution, recreational and others.
  • Succeeded in building minority staffing by 50% and minority campers by 75% through active recruitment efforts. Designed and delivered training to national and international teams. Infused troops with new program options.
  • Produced public relations and recruiting materials; researched and authored articles on current issues affecting girls, which were published in area newspapers.
  • Member of fund-raising council, planning and coordinating annual event generating $200,000.

Program Director (1992-1994)
Assistant Program Director (1991-1992)
Village Director (1987-1989)

Joined organization while attending college and promoted through series of progressively responsible management positions to direct summer camp for 200 urban youth. Recruited, mentored and trained team of 60 multicultural staff members in all aspects of program operations. Responsible for fiscal management, marketing, community outreach, program development and other functions. Supervised, tracked and monitored program activities. Developed and coordinated administrative policies, procedures and controls. Administered $500,000 annual budget.

Key accomplishments:

  • Initiated and facilitated organization's first leadership training and several other programs for boys and girls, including opening programs for physically challenged individuals.
  • Increased year-round programming and boosted participation in leadership training and camping programs.
  • Worked closely with the Board of Directors on strategic planning, program direction and funding. Partnered with community groups and social service agencies in services administration throughout the year.
  • Recruited numerous volunteers as member of Board of Directors to serve on special committees of the American Camping Association.


B.S. in Sociology, University of Oregon, Portland, OR, 1989
Participated in study-abroad programs in South America, France and Italy.


Completed Camp Training courses
Previously certified to teach CPR/First Aid courses


Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Microsoft Project
Lotus SmartSuite (WordPro, Lotus 1-2-3, Freelance Graphics)
Foreign-language skills: Conversational Spanish and French

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