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With his own "shell" resume, this candidate was getting no interviews. The writer transformed it into this strong document that emphasizes the individual's certifications and accomplishments. He began to get interviews. The depth of his expertise as presented on the resume secured him a higher position with 35 percent more income. Notice the location and extent of the boldfacing. It draws attention to the Areas of Expertise and the Key Projects subsections with diamond bullets.

Sample Information Systems Consultant Resume

John Harrison
1234 Main Court • Santa Cruz • CA, 95060 • Cell: 257-777-8989


Experienced Certified Disaster Recovery Planner (CDRP) and Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP) serving a diverse client base in finance and banking, healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, gas, chemicals, publishing and government. Project management qualifications combine with demonstrated ability to develop and implement technical solutions to meet critical business needs. Outstanding leadership and interpersonal skills resulting in effective working relationships and top performance among staff. An excellent communicator between technical and business units who can translate complex data into easily understood terms.


Information Systems Integrity • Business Impact Analysis • Systems Applications Disaster Recovery Planning & Auditing • Technical Support & Training • Compliance Business Continuity Planning • Information Protection Analysis • Technical Documentation


DEP SOLUTIONS • San Jose, California • 1999-present
Information Systems Consultant

Recruited to manage development, implementation and enhancement of business resumption and computer disaster recovery programs for corporate clients in finance/banking, healthcare, publishing, insurance, gas/chemicals, telecommunications and government. Achieved distinction as first recipient of company's recognition award for outstanding performance.

Key Projects

  • Developed and implemented business recovery program with 5 platforms, data center and complex network at financial services organization with 32 business units at 6 regional sites.
  • Created business recovery plans with 2-year maintenance program for 2 major customer service centers supporting client company and its operations globally.
  • Designed voice systems disaster recovery plans and models for corporate headquarters/field locations of major telecommunications corporation.

APEX SYSTEMS • San Jose, California • 1993-1999
Manager of Planning Services (1995-1999)

Planned, developed and managed all disaster and business recovery projects for entire company. Functioned as information systems security administrator controlling user identification creation and distribution as well as menu creation and distribution access. Researched, planned and provided technical support for workflow and document management projects.

Key Projects

  • Performed risk assessment, analyzed business impact and led crisis-management team in the development of data and business recovery plan.
  • Instrumental in saving $7 million annually through coordination and transition to an in-house claims data processing system.
  • Collaborated on the design and implementation of mainframe-based system completed in just 15 months.
  • Analyzed workflow procedures and downtime costs for utilization management and provided recommendations to maximize future growth potential.

Manager of Special Projects (1994-1995) Managed all phases of MIS project planning, development, implementation and management. Represented MIS department to all business units and with subcontractors. Initiated and wrote procedures to automate MIS request system, increasing efficiency, accountability and control.

Key Projects

  • Strengthened confidence and productivity level of 100+ nontechnical staff through training in microcomputers and software applications.
  • Created new system to organize and categorize 350 internal/external reports for a state contract.
  • Provided technical solutions to expedite completion of Medicare contract; company was awarded contract out of 450 bids nationwide.

Manager of Enrollment Services (1993-1994)

Reorganized and supervised staff in the daily operations of department. Reviewed, developed and implemented new policies and procedures. Involved in the development of system enhancements and participated in the design and implementation of a new automated membership system.

Key Projects

  • Significantly improved productivity through outstanding team-building and leadership skills.
  • Increased applications processing 25% in just one month by redesigning workflow procedures.
  • Introduced cross-training program, turning around employee morale and performance.
RYAN-LANCE CORPORATION • San Jose, California • 1992-1993

Systems Analyst

B.S. (Computer Science) New York University, New York, New York

Additional Training

Hewlett Packard Product Support • NEC Product Marketing
UNIX & 3b2 • Development of Disaster Recovery Strategies
Novell NetWare Engineer • IBM Business Partner
Voice/Data Telecommunications (ATM, SONET & Frame Relay)
Bell Atlantic Disaster Recovery Institute Training Program


Hardware: IBM 9672 • IBM 9221 • HP 3000-III • AT&T 3b2
Compaq Systempro • HP Vectra • Epson • various PC platforms
Software: Microsoft Windows, Word, Access, Project & Excel • dBASE III


Disaster Recovery Institute • Business Continuity Institute
Information Systems Audit & Control Association

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