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Mary Kay Consultant Resume

This individual didn't have a resume and wanted to return to the corporate world after being a Mary Kay Consultant and raising her children for the past 10 years. The writer emphasized the applicant's positive communication skills, cross-functional talents, and transferable skills that would qualify her as an excellent candidate for a customer-service position. An extensive Profile Summary with detailed bulleted items describes her suitability for corporate work.

Sample Mary Kay Consultant Resume

Mary Johnson Gray
27 Happy colony, Dallas, Texas 75326 • Tel. No: 123-649-88877 • Email


Talented and resourceful individual offering a unique blend of cross-functional skills resulting from more than 10 years of active community involvement and providing excellent customer service to accommodate needs of home-based businesses. Self-starter who shows initiative and can conduct business in a professional manner. Highly proficient at building sound business relationships, determining customer needs. Possess good customer relations skills, presenting a positive company image.

  • Strong interpersonal, listening, and rapport-building skills, with aptitude to effectively communicate with customers, coworkers, business associates, and management, maintaining a positive working environment.
  • Experienced in general office business practices, answering customer inquires, addressing problems, and maintaining confidentiality. Receptive to and supportive of team efforts to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Proven ability to plan, organize, and manage fund-raising activities as well as work hand-inhand with business owners, patrons, and the general public. To date, have successfully raised $180K+ and donated funds to three renowned cancer institutes.
  • Demonstrated ability to work well under stressful conditions while maintaining a sense of humor to see projects through to completion, skillfully combining wit and perseverance in time of crisis.
  • Welcome new challenges, accept responsibility, enjoy working with people, value camaraderie, and benefit from a strong network of friends and colleagues.


MARY KAY COSMETICS, Okemos, Michigan, 1995-Present
Sales associate for this major cosmetic line company. Conduct one-on-one client consultations to identify skin care needs and answer questions regarding product line. Perform facials and makeovers as well as conduct open houses and Mary Kay parties upon request. Organize and manage client records.

XYZ TRANSPORTATION, Okemos, Michigan, 1985-1987; 1993-1994
(Trucking Company)
Customer Service Representative
Answered and directed incoming calls, responded to customer inquires, managed customer and company files, and maintained high level of customer care and cooperative attitude, providing friendly service. Operated and maintained standard office equipment.

ABC GROUP, Richmond, Indiana, 1987-1992
(Distribution Manufacturing Company)
Inside Sales Representative

Cofounder, 1987-Present
With team assistance, successfully plan, organize, and oversee all facets of tournament to raise funds to support the ABC Cancer Institute in memory of sibling. Develop and distribute event flyers, register and collect fees from 40-45 foursomes, solicit door prizes and food and beverage donations, and manage golf site setup/cleanup. Coordinate dinner event following completion of play, take event photos, and award trophies to winning players. Obtain and file required licenses and financial reports accordingly.

  • Past fund-raisers and donations awarded to the Cure Cancer Institute and the Treat Cancer Society.

XYZ AMERICAN CLUB, Okemos, Michigan, 1994-Present
Elected Board Member, 2003-Present
Member, 1994-2002

  • Founded in 1994. Play an active role in the annual XYZ Festival to raise and donate funds for various charities and organizations, including the Scholarships for Children Association, which sponsors children from other countries to stay with an American family for six weeks. Since 1996, the XYZ American Club has presented 24 college scholarships totaling more than $18K.
  • Support efforts in constructing the XYZ American float, march in local parades, and serve as a sponsor in special events held year-round.
LOCAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Okemos, Michigan, 1998-2006

Classroom Volunteer
Assist teacher with organizing special class projects and help facilitate group/individual activities and routine class events, as well as class field trips. Interact positively with children, participate in student circle time, and enjoy helping children identify their individual strengths and ability to learn while having fun.

WOMEN OF HOPE & FAITH, Okemos, Michigan, 1994-1996

Chapter Member
Assisted with fund-raising to support churches, seminaries, Catholic missions, schools, scholarships, and diverse charitable causes.

Contributed to the common good of humanity, strived for the development of all that was best and truest in womanhood, and emerged in our communities as positive influences to uphold the high ideal of life and morals.


Local College of Business, Okemos, Michigan
General Office Administration Course Work

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