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This resume has all the characteristics of many executive resumes that offer a greater amount of information: relatively smaller type; narrower margins for wider lines; adequate line spacing to ensure white space between sections; and bullets, boldfacing, and italic to make important information more easily seen. To make the best use of the top third of the first page, the writer puts contact information at the bottom of each page. In the Career Development section, achievements are cast as five Key Leadership Initiatives with bulleted Key Results specified for each initiative. Most of the results are quantified in dollar amounts and percentages. For the workplace mentioned on page three, the bulleted items tell in sequence the cafe's interesting history.

Sample President COO Manager Resume

Mary Johnson Gray • 27 Happy colony, Dallas, Texas 75326 • Tel. No: 123-649-88877 • Email

Executive Profile

More than 20 years of experience in every facet of the hospitality industry in positions as general manager, consultant, and / or owner with a solid background in successful traditional and entrepreneurial venues. Use a real-world approach to problem solving and a deep well of experience to meet the challenges of this fast-paced, high-turnover industry.

  • Have operated multiple restaurants accommodating 900+ patrons and managed events for up to 2,000 attendees while partnering with diverse management, overseeing a multitude of activities, and managing half-million-dollar budgets / P&Ls.
  • Proven team-forming and motivational skills have delivered unmatched loyalty and a nearly unheard-of staff turnover rate of less than 25%, far below the 61% industry standard. Consistently develop cost-cutting and profit-building initiatives.
  • Honed and demonstrated project-planning and management skills in supremely high-stress scenarios where failure was not an option and the wrong decision could end a career and / or deliver substantial personal loss.
  • Skilled at simultaneously supervising several restaurants and projects. Directed management of two separate restaurants, 20 miles apart, for five years. Worked 18+ hours concurrently managing early-morning renovations and late-night operations.
  • Use lifelong interest in computers / IT to enhance every business opportunity and activity from marketing, to inventory control, to menu preparation, to catering scheduling, etc. Hold Certificate in Computer Science from Adelphi University (2001).
  • Strategic business sense, uncompromising work ethic, and natural sincerity have helped create consistent profits and have won loyal support and motivation of customers, employees, partners, managers, community leaders, suppliers, and local officials.

Summary of Qualifications
  • multi-unit operation management
  • project planning&systems development
  • sales / product / market analysis
  • multimillion-dollar P&L management
  • advanced IT knowledge
  • food / labor / marketing cost controls
  • facility management
  • risk management&inventory control
  • customer relations and satisfaction
  • event management & promotion
  • purchasing & negotiating skills
  • human resources management
  • troubleshooting & change management
  • vendor sourcing & negotiating
  • team-building & staff-retention programs
    1988 to present Partner / Manager

    PFS operated two consecutive successful theme restaurants on Long Island. Original concept, Charlie's Big City Grill, opened in 1989 as an 800-patron sports-bar restaurant much like the ESPN Zone restaurants.

    • In f / y 1990, Charlie's grossed over $2 million and $2.4 million in f / y 1992 and 1993. Well-trained staff (only 25% turnover rate), value menu, and "almost as good as being at the game" mentality built a loyal customer base of young professionals, over-30 single clientele, families, and out-of-town guests.
    • Restaurant was featured in numerous publications as a top sports bar/cafe and was one of the first sites in Metro New York to feature complete sports broadcast from satellite transmission, with Sunday NFL football afternoons attracting more than 1,500 guests.

    In proactive response to increased competition from satellite dishes and sports-bar market saturation, renovated site and in 1995 transitioned Charlie's to the New Orleans Roadhouse, a Cajun menu "House of Blues"-style restaurant.

    • Took only four months to plan and develop this restaurant / entertainment concept entirely new to Metro New York. Handled politicking / project planning necessary to get permits, plans, contractors, and equipment in place for summer renovation (slow season). Opened on Labor Day weekend 1995, two weeks ahead of schedule and below $750,000 budget.
    • Negotiated with property-management company for an additional 10 years on lease and lower rent (both valuable assets for future sale). Fine-tuned, upgraded, and enhanced facility including handicap access, risk management, and venue flexibility. Planned menu, hired kitchen staff, developed company's first employee manual, created marketing plans, and booked live entertainment.
    • Now a top rhythm & blues showcase and popular Cajun / Creole dining destination, the Grill was recently sold for a profit.

    Key Leadership Initiatives at Prestige Food & Sports Enterprise

    Developed Successful Theme Restaurant in Highly Competitive Area
    Developed and operated a major theme restaurant in Nassau County, NY. Created concept from emerging sports-bar trend, incorporated local venue elements into large-scale restaurant. Composed business plan and sought financing from U.S.
    Small Business Administration. Took possession of 10-year lease, construction, and physical development in less than four months. Driven by desire to succeed, took Charlie's Big City Grill from concept to creation in under a year.
    Key Results:

    • First year's gross sales exceeded $2 million, with sales growing by more than 20% in next four years.

    Reduced Staff Turnover in High-Turnover Industry
    Challenged with creating a strong team environment to reduce turnover of staff. Trained managers in "team management" principles, focusing on workplace pride. Compiled PC-based employee guidebook. Shared company's success with employees through annual bonuses, social gatherings, and benefit options.
    Key Results:

    • Delivered industry-low 25% turnover rate, even keeping 25% rate during renovation closure.
    • Retaining competent and recognizable employees increased sales by building repeat customer / staff bond.
    • Increased service quality and customer loyalty through better, more knowledgeable employees.

    Managed Redevelopment and Construction of Successful Theme Restaurant
    Challenged to co-develop and implement a new, next-generation theme-restaurant concept; to outperform, within five years, previous years' flat growth; to implement changes within a 90-day window; and to retain core customer base, as well as staff crucial to immediate success and profitability.

    Identified key areas of planning and attention, set calendar, assigned management / partner responsibilities. Researched themes / concepts. Established $750,000 budget, developed project plan, and scheduled major construction for traditionally low-performing period. Renegotiated a lengthened lease, concessions for capital improvements, and lower rent. Established cooperative dialogue with town and county officials to expedite necessary permits and approvals.
    Key Results:

    • Completed construction of the New Orleans Roadhouse below budget and two weeks ahead of schedule.
    • After renovation, year-one gross revenue rose to $2.6 million from $2.3 million.
    • Reduced daily maintenance costs by 18% and energy consumption by 8%+ by updating infrastructure, HVAC, and layout.
    • Achieved reduced insurance risk through facility changes that allowed full handicap accessibility.
    • Retained market share, provided exposure to different market areas, and positioned firm for strong short-term growth.
    • Booked live performances by top entertainers and expanded catering capacity.

    Rebranded Local Restaurant to Attract New Customers
    Challenged with marketing the New Orleans Roadhouse without conveying rural image. Recognized traditional radio spots did not take advantage of new theme, so explored and implemented 30- and 60-second local television spots with a major Metro NY cable television provider.
    Key Results:

    • Quarterly sales increased 21%. Ads generated qualified first-time customers and helped in rebranding.

    Reduced Marketing Costs While Increasing Market Visibility to Targeted Customers Challenged to develop effective, low-cost method of advertising to main customer base. Researched and implemented customer databases for direct-mail and target-marketing strategies, integrated direct-mail software for in-house mail sorting, and added POSTNET barcoding to meet USPS regulations. Appended 80,000-member database with phone numbers leading to telemarketing efforts. Eliminated manual removal of outdated customer information from database by using USPS National Change of Address files to automate process.
    Key Results:

    • Slashed direct-mail costs to 33%, from $63,000 to $42,000. Reduced marketing budget to 15%.
    • Realized 3% to 7% annual postage and labor cost savings by updating database with USPS.

    THE LINDEN TREE CAFE, BABYLON, NY General Manager & Principal
    1999 to 2000 & 1982 to 1995

    The Linden Tree Cafe is a well-established neighborhood cafe located in a historical building in one of Long Island's largest downtowns, Babylon, an urban / suburban town attempting revitalization from ongoing effects of "mall creep."

    • In 1982 identified closed cafe as a good prospect-surrounding area's demographics were upscale, community revitalization efforts were strong, and circa-1880 building matched current trend for historic charm. Successfully negotiated 10-year lease with option to purchase building within five years at 1982 value, with half of paid rent credited towards purchase price.

    • Working with Town of Babylon officials, the Babylon Historical Society, and the Chamber of Commerce, renovated building's fašade to circa 1880, funding 70% of work through state and federal historic preservation funds. Purchased fixtures with no money down.

    • Opened in November of 1982 and quickly established a local clientele. Then marketed to non-local population using regional magazine advertisements, popular radio stations, and supplier co-op ads.

    • Cafe steadily grossed over $700,000 annually in early '80s. Although maintaining a historic building with apartments was an ongoing challenge, in 1986, purchased building at 1982 negotiated price of $110,000 rather than appraised price of $225,000.

    • Restaurant's revenues began to falter in the late '80s as national recession reached Long Island, mall creep continued to deflect downtown business, town's road and sidewalk repairs limited access for months, and the large summer beach crowd started to gather at bayfront restaurants close to the ferries rather than in the downtown area.

    • In 1990 planned complete building renovation including infrastructure, new kitchen, HVAC, handicap access, 100% fire sprinklers, increased dining area, and all-new outside dining area. To reduce effect on business, completed entire renovation in under four months. Kept core customer base informed of upcoming grand re-opening with a 20,000+ newsletter mailing, and invited best customers and community leaders to menu tastings and mock service dining shortly before reopening.

    • Renovation and new menu generated results above initial projection, but with unsteady growth. Decided to sell when a generous offer was received in 1994. Completed sale in 1995. Kept possession of building and separate real estate company; transitioned professional activities into new investment areas.

    • New owners' establishment closed after only four years through owners' series of business-devastating decisions. Owners changed name and concept; invested heavily in fad, not trend; maintained business cash flow with questionable business practices; tarnished establishment's reputation; damaged property with brew-pub equipment; and drove away original clients.

    • Determined to personally rebuild and reestablish business and then sell to a buyer or team who could maintain and enhance it. Repossessed property in winter of 1998, facing enormous challenges as landlord of a building in need of a tenant and as a member of a community that wanted to see / solicit a fine establishment in the area.

    • Achieved this goal in less than 18 months with under $100,000 investment after reestablishing cordial community and business working relationships. Reopened in Spring 1999 with Chamber of Commerce celebrating the event with a party at the establishment in June 1999. In August 2000, business was sold for a profit and continues to develop.

    Education and Certification

    Bachelor of Science in Management, Adelphi University, Garden City, New York

    Adelphi University, Garden City, New York
    Certificate, 320 hours, Computer Science, 2001
    Earned while running two businesses.
    National Restaurant Association
    Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    Restaurant Catering
    Trends in Restaurant Design
    Comp USA
    MS Excel (2 days)
    Advanced use of CorelDRAW software (2 days)
    New York Restaurant Association
    Writing an Operation Manual (2 days)

    Hospitality Certifications Food Service Manager's Certificate, No. 92122, County of Suffolk Department of Health Services
    Food Service Manager's Certificate, Nassau County Department of Health

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