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Project Manager IVR Replacement Resume

For a sense of an applicant's career development, read a resume backward. That is, start with the earliest job toward the end of the resume and read up the page(s) until you come to the current or most recent position. You will then better understand the profile, summary of qualifications, areas of expertise, or whatever else begins the resume. This resume, which documents chronologically the person's work experience and achievements, is perfect for this kind of analysis.

Sample Project Manager IVR Replacement Resume

Mary Johnson Gray
27 Happy colony, Dallas, Texas 75326 • Tel. No: 123-649-88877 • Email


IT Project Manager with 24 years of experience directing cross-functional teams of technical experts to analyze systems and processes and implement infrastructure improvements. Recognized for leadership in planning, scheduling, crisis and risk management, and definition of scope for information systems projects. Proven record developing solutions that improve efficiency of IT and business operations. Cross-cultural experience, having worked both in England and Canada.

Expertise includes

Project Management Research & Analysis Skills
Strategic Business Planning Problem Identification & Resolution
Team Building/Leadership Cross-Cultural Communications
Diverse Market/Industry Knowledge Business/Project Strategy & Direction


HAWKSBURY SYSTEMS-New Jersey, NJ Jan 2001-Present
ProjectManager-IVR Replacement (Dec 2003-Present)

  • Achieved project objectives, ensuring completion in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Directed and negotiated terms with various vendors to replace existing IVR application, including coordinating with CGI for the development of IVR replacement application.
  • Led project planning and management of internal resources for IVR replacement project, formulating strategies to improve business and operational processes; coordinated with IBM for voice support.

Technical Consultant-Infrastructure Outsourcing Project (Jul 2003-Present)

  • Key player in the development of strategies for several in-house systems, including assisting with validation and data collection on all USII systems and development of test strategies for transitioned applications.
  • Coordinated the planning and scheduling of hardware transitions with IBM, identifying needs and providing solutions where necessary.
  • Planned and executed transition of hardware from Hawksbury to IBM premises in order to support
    USI applications with minimal impact to USI's business.

Project Manager-Pride Payne Proof of Concept (Sept 2002-Jul 2003)

  • Instrumental in planning and executing innovative strategies to achieve objectives for infrastructure improvement; redefined scope of project and coordinated resources from Hawksbury and Pride Payne to progress project, resulting in a successful Proof of Concept demonstration to management in less than 3 weeks.
  • Built and managed successful client relationships with IBM and Pride Payne, ensuring all business needs were met.
  • Achieved all project objectives within a short period of time; defined Statement of Work for project with Pride Payne, identified server and application, created a copy of server and application at Pride Payne's office, and coordinated with Pride Payne to execute Statement of Work.

Service Manager-USII Division (Feb 2002-Sept 2002)

  • Spearheaded efforts to develop successful communications between Customer Service area of Production Services and the IS area of USI; coordinated monthly meetings, maintaining and facilitating communication on projects, avoiding potential problems.
  • Appointed as Account Manager for U.S. Insurance Division for Production Services, ensuring duties were properly performed and procedures followed.
  • Initiated continual efforts to improve operations to achieve business targets by identifying opportunities to employ IT to enhance business opportunities.

Project Manager-Infrastructure for ASC Project (Jan 2001-Feb 2002)

  • Led cross-functional teams in designing and implementing an infrastructure to support new GL; key strength is communicating project goals and maintaining focus on results throughout project life cycle.
  • Championed project management of infrastructure changes required to support ASC project, including coordination between ASC project and production services, development of SLA to support ASC application, and coordination of operational readiness requirements.

ZURICH-New York, NY Dec 1996-Jan 2001
Technology Services Year 2000 Coordinator (Feb 1998-Jan 2001)

  • Instrumental in planning and coordinating upgrades and validation testing for all hardware and system software on all platforms for Year 2000 rollover; rollover was successful with no infrastructure problems.

Implementation Coordinator (Nov 1998-Dec 1999)

  • Acted as direct liaison between SAP project and Technology Services teams; coordinated development of Interim SLA for SAP application and ensured all infrastructure changes required to support project were scheduled and completed on time.

Year 2000 Validation Team Leader (Dec 1996-Nov 1998)

  • Spearheaded project objectives; defined strategy for Enterprise Time Machine Testing for Year 2000 compliance, led team carrying out Year 2000 compliance validation for CAPSIL, and planned and estimated Year 2000 compliance validation for 19 other applications.

Manager-Year 2000 Infrastructure Support Team (Apr 1996-Nov 1996)

  • Oversaw testing of all tools for Year 2000 Project while defining testing strategy to ensure Year 2000 compliance; monitored and assisted Technology and Support Services with Year 2000 compliance.

Manager-Reset Development Team (Apr 1995-Apr 1996)

  • Successfully transitioned support and ongoing development of Reset Development Project from software house to in-house staff.

Testing & Implementation Coordinator (Aug 1993-Apr 1995)

  • Engineered testing and implementation for mainframe development project; executed system testing of interfaces between new system and existing system, tested existing downstream systems, carried out Acceptance Testing, and provided on-site support for release of new system.

AP ASSISTANCE CENTRE LTD-Birmingham, England Apr 1992-Jul 1993
Business Analyst/Team Leader

HELMERK INTERNATIONAL LTD-Birmingham, England Mar 1983-Feb 1992
Business Analyst

DIXILYN IMPERIAL PLC-Birmingham, England Oct 1976-Mar 1983
Principal Analyst Programmer/Senior Analyst Programmer


360 Management • Total Quality Management • Managing for Achievement • Purposeful Management • Getting Started & Applying PMW • SSADM Version 4 • Project Management & Control • Structured Testing • Introduction to Data Manager • Easytrieve Plus • System Analysis • APL & Advanced APL Programming • BASIC Programming • MVS/JCL Utilities • Structured Programming • COBOL Application Programming

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