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Public Health Technician Resume

The bold horizontal lines direct the reader's eyes to the profile paragraph and three-column list of strengths, which indicate areas of expertise. The quotation just after the list is effective because its thanks "for all you do" acts like an endorsement of all the activities stated or implied in the list. At the end of the Professional Experience section, another quotation, lamenting the person's departure, suggests to the reader that hiring this individual would be a great gain.

Sample Public Health Technician Resume

Kenly Peterson
4567, North 34 Street. • Boston, MA 04509, • (656)-676 7990


Dedicated health and human services professional with 15 years of experience in customer service delivery, management of administrative processes, and quality control. Qualifications include excellent servicesmanagement abilities, strong communication skills, administrative experience, comprehensive knowledge of federal/state healthcare and social-service regulations, and ability to team with diverse work groups in achieving organizational objectives. Deliver effective presentations in both large and small group settings. Computer proficient; highly adaptable to new systems and processes. Work well under pressure in multi-task management environments. Able to work well in self-managed and team-based environments. Additional strengths include

  • Public Speaking & Presentations
  • Confidential Files/Correspondence
  • Customer Service Delivery
  • Work Planning & Prioritization
  • Caseload Management/Administration
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Needs Assessment Interviewing
  • Quality Assurance Standards
  • Medical Terminology
  • Eligibility Determination
  • Medicaid Regulations
  • HR Generalist Affairs
  • "Thanks for all you do; you add to morale around here and I appreciate it. And I appreciate your efficiency and unflappable calm, too." -Name Withheld, Dean, School of Allied Health


    Public Health Technician, Medical Transportation

    Hold full responsibility for diverse range of administrative and caseload-management activities involving Medical Transportation Program (based on Medicaid policies), including intake interviews, eligibility determinations, transportation authorizations/arrangements, file and records management, contract agreements, service delivery reviews and resolutions, and recovery of Medicaid funds. Assist in training of new MTP intake staff and provide insight into Medicaid policies and procedures for clients, staff, and partner healthcare professionals. Challenged to fulfill various program/caseload goals in deadline-driven environment.


    • Successfully manage average of 90-100 calls per day and maintain excellent track record of customer service delivery and records documentation. Developed strong knowledge base in Medicaid policies/procedures.
    • Awarded eight hours of administrative leave by Commissioner of Health for recommending strategy to improve operational processes and reduce costs.
    • Achieved highest success rate in division for recouping Medicaid funds related to medical transportation.
    • Delivered series of well-received presentations to professional groups, service providers, and community groups/members regarding general and specific aspects of MTP program.
    Administrative Assistant, School of Allied Health (1996-1997)

    Served in highly visible position as primary assistant to dean of School of Allied Health; scope of accountability included maintaining schedule for appointments/meetings and events, preparing and distributing information for various programs throughout the school, handling finances and confidential documents/correspondence, planning travel itinerary, and verifying multimillion-dollar inventory list.

    • Commended by dean for overall exemplary performance and maintaining consistent on-time, on-target scheduling, task management, and special-event coordination.
    • Maintained excellent relationships with all staff and faculty personnel, including president and other top administration heads.
    • Completed annual inventory report for all schools within School of Allied Health with 100% accuracy.

    Medical Transcriptionist, Radiology (1995-1996)

    Transcribed routine and specialty pathology reports, including autopsies, bone marrow evaluations, and cytology reports, to document patient care and ensure proper delivery of healthcare services. Planned and conducted quality assurance evaluations on work; researched and retrieved prior history data for patient cases.

    • Noted for transcribing large volume of routine/specialty reports with highest possible accuracy rating.

    Eligibility Specialist, CIDC (1995)
    Social Service Technician, CIDC (1994-1995)

    Promoted to perform wide range of administrative and supervisory duties for eligibility program, including supervision of entire eligibility process, volunteer activities, and maintenance of client and general office files. Planned and directed in-services for medical service providers, community service agencies, and other public health agencies; helped assistant program director with training and orientation of new employees. As Social Service Technician, maintained case records and assisted in office and caseload-management functions.

    • Conceptualized and developed database program that generated monthly report, resulting in elimination of manual counting and quicker retrieval of client data.
    • Created format that led to automation of CIDC monthly statistical report and subsequent expedient distribution; coded CIDC program files to clearly distinguish differentiation among various programs.
    • Increased awareness of program policies and procedures through in-service presentations and comprehensive training/mentoring of new employees.

    Administrative Assistant, Long-Term Care Unit

    Recruited to oversee and meet objectives for all aspects of administrative work, including filing, processing, correspondence, editing/reviewing, scheduling, and other office-management duties.

    • Developed training manual for new administrative staff that shortened learning curve and eased transition.

    Administrative Assistant

    Fulfilled all administrative responsibilities as assistant to branch manager. Entrusted to serve as acting office manager in supervisor's absence. Facilitated payroll, inventory, mail/messenger, and database tasks.

    "I am truly saddened to hear of your leaving your post…your upbeat personality, warm smile, and efficient work always made me look forward to coming over there." -Name Withheld, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, SAH


    BS in Human Services, 2002 UNIVERSITY-HOUSTON, TX

    Selected Professional Development Coursework:
    Employee Interview & Selection Training, 2002 • Creating a Harassment-Free Environment, 2001
    Emotional Intelligence on the Job, 2001 • Computer File Management, 2001 • Developing Leadership Ability,
    2001 • Reducing Conflict at Work, 1999 • Communicating with Clients from Poverty, 1998 • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, 1997

    Computer Skills:
    Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access; Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat; WordPerfect; Harvard Graphics; Internet

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