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The Professional Achievements section displays the value of clustering a long list of achievements into groups with separate side headings. Without the side headings, the task of comprehending the many achievements would be immense. With each group of achievements under a side heading, the reader can fathom a shorter list and focus on a group of particular interest. Clustering is a useful strategy to use in any resume section with a long list.

Sample Senior Engineer Resume

Andrew Hall
456, X Street, Y Avenue, • Philadelphia, PA-19103 • (123) 456-7890

Industrial ~ Government ~ Military

Results-driven and well-organized Technical Professional who combines hands-on experience with a solid educational background in applied physics and engineering. Strong skills in planning, implementing, upgrading, and maintaining high-tech semiconductor equipment.
Reputation for solving problems with creativity and out-of-the-box solutions.

Extensive knowledge of applications, integration, hardware, and quality testing. Excellent team building, communication, and interpersonal skills. Provide outstanding customer service in high-pressure situations to advance the public's health, safety, security, and welfare.

Competencies Include

Project Management
Testing & Evaluation
New Hardware Startup
Customer Support
Problem Solving
Statistical Analysis
Secret Security Clearance
Performance Optimization
Computer Systems Expertise
Mechanical Repair

Professional Achievements

Testing, Evaluation, Data Reduction, and Analysis

  • Testing and evaluation of high-tech security-related explosive- and weapons-detection equipment, aircraft load impact on concrete runway structures, and anti-tank guided missile countermeasures.
  • Generated project plans, test plans, and procedures applying multidisciplinary approaches.
  • Performed literature search and consulted with area experts to assess technology and determine best approach.
  • Developed methods unique to analysis being performed in coordination with organization and outside vendors.
  • Data collection, reduction, statistical analysis; interpreting results to determine integrity, validity, significance, and formulated conclusions.
  • Provided recommendations based on final test data analysis and actual results.
  • Identified new methods or approaches based on technology assessments and results interpretations.
  • Prepared project final reports and classified reports.

Project Supervision, Management, and Task Leadership

  • Managed and supervised day-to-day test conduct and coordinated test activities.
  • Prepared test/program assessment reports.
  • Developed work breakdown structures and tracked project activities.
  • Coordinated production activities and requirements.
  • Trained and lectured students on advanced characterization of materials at the graduate level.
  • Trained students in laboratory techniques and safety practices and policy.
Research, Development, and Design in Scientific Laboratory Environment
  • Engineering design and fabrication of highly complex scientific laboratory hardware and equipment.
  • Developed an innovative scheme for scanning and digital processing transmission of electron microscopy images of superlatice interfaces.
  • Simulation studies of solar wind erosion contributions to atmospheric constituents.
  • Supervised and maintained high-energy particle beam/materials interactions, modification and analysis laboratory.
  • Experience with ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic technologies, mass spectroscopy, and nondestructive organic and inorganic materials analysis and detection techniques such as Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, particle-induced X-ray and gamma ray emission, forward recoil detection, and secondary ion mass spectrometry.
Computer Proficiency
  • Computer programming in Visual Basic, Pascal, BASIC, and FORTRAN. Familiar with UNIX and C code and algorithms. PC repair and upgrading. PCI-controlled data acquisition and instrumentation. ISDN connectivity setup.
  • Proficient with software packages such as Microsoft Office suite (Word, Project, PowerPoint, Excel), Visual Basic macro development, WordPerfect, EMACS, AutoCAD, Visio, Pinnacle Video, and Photoshop.
  • Introductory use and understanding of LabVIEW and Matlab capabilities.
  • Computer hardware and instrumentation for high-speed data collection.

Employment History

Self-Employed 2001 to present
Technical and legal research and writing, training, and general services.

JHGC Sensor Technology Specialists, Fort Monmouth Army Labs 2/2001 to 9/2001
Senior Engineer/Scientist
U.S. Army CECOM RDEC Intelligence and Information
Warfare Directorate Seeker Effects Laboratory

TRF, Inc. & Orion Scientific Corp., FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center 6/1996 to 6/2000
Senior Engineer/Test Engineer/Systems Engineer
Aviation Security and Airport Technology Research and Development Divisions

Contractor 1/1989 to 5/1996
Traxx Technologies, Crier Metals, Ocean Specialty Gasses, NJIT

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 9/1986 to 9/1988
Chief Engineer
Accelerator Research and Development Lab

Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ 5/1980 to 9/1986
Senior Technical Associate
Radiation Physics Research Lab, Materials, Modification, and Central Diagnostics/Analysis Lab


Pennsylvania State University
Graduate Research Assistant, Applied Physics/Metallurgy

Research Assistant in field ion microscopy study of hydrogen embrittlement of Fe-Ti alloys. Teaching assistant in electronics/electromagnetic theory/laboratory techniques.

Pennsylvania State University
BS Physics

Advanced studies in nuclear magnetic resonance techniques.

AT&T Bell Laboratories Computer science, UNIX, C, MicroProcessor Primer, and hazardous chemicals safety
Stevens Institute of Technology AT&T sponsored post-degree graduate studies
Solid-state technologies, electrical engineering
Rutgers University Post-degree graduate studies in various fields:
Physics, electrical engineering materials science, ceramic science, and computer science
Brookdale County College Pre-radiology program studies
Continuing Education Legal research and writing
Computer programming, PC repair, and upgrade certification training
Tool-and-die machining

Author and/or contributing author of 20 technical papers; frequently lecture on advanced characterization of materials.

Orion Scientific, Letter of Commendation and Award, July 1999
FAA, Letter of Acknowledgment/Appreciation, March 1999
Toastmasters, Best Table Topics Speech, 1997
Princeton University, Letter of Commendation, 1988

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