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After a profile, two side headings-Areas of Expertise and Software Proficiencies-introduce other qualifications. Note that work experience is titled Professional Accomplishments.

Sample Supervisor Resume

Mary Smith
69 N. Grant Street, Mid Lake City, California 84301 • Cell :( 988) 598-1331 • Email:


Creative professional with a proven track record of successful projects from initial concept through completion. High-energy, results-oriented leader recognized for innovative tactics and strategies. Reputation among peers for finding the most efficient way to facilitate a project or process without sacrificing quality. Possess strong problem-solving skills and an ability to manage time-sensitive projects.

Combine passion for aesthetics with commitment to contributing to an organization's bottom line. Excellent communications and interpersonal skills. Talent for writing and designing technical manuals and training programs. Comfortable working in Mac or Windows environments.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Digital Graphic Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Web Design
  • Project Management
  • Multimedia Production
  • Customer & Vendor Relations
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Photography

Software Proficiencies:
  • Photoshop CS
  • QuarkXPress
  • CorelDRAW
  • Novell (Netware)
  • Illustrator CS
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe GoLive CS
  • Windows NT, XP, OSX

Professional Accomplishments

HANIFI DEVICES, INC., Fair Lawn, NJ (1971-2006)
The eighth-largest manufacturer of electronic pressure and vibration sensors for industrial and defense applications, with facilities in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, and Italy.


  • Assigned creative control of the design and layout of numerous single-page and multipage publications and corporate identity packages.
  • Created eye-catching logos, product brochures, flyers, mailers, trade magazine ads, and other promotional media.
  • Photographed products, company employees, customers, and models for use in advertising and promotional materials.
  • Balanced imagination with solid technical skills to create web pages using digital software to optimize all visual images to enhance the effectiveness of the company's web site.
  • Designed all training manuals and managed the training programs for new employees.
  • Managed each project from start to finish, on time and within budget.
  • Started with Hanifi as its third employee. Consistently given increasing responsibilities as process improvement suggestions increased efficiency and generated higher profits.
  • Presented with the company's first Process Improvement Award.
  • Streamlined product assembly operation into an efficient production-line process with fewer defects and a more attractive appearance.

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