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The applicant had an extensive career in progressively responsible positions. The writer used functional sections to focus on select areas of interest right away. This resume helped the job seeker get a higher position in a tight market. Professional experience is clustered under three side headings, making it easier for the reader to comprehend the range of experience. The Overseas Travel & Experience, Committee Involvement, and Grant Writing sections are substantial additions.

Sample Turnkey Trainer Resume

William Kales
8322, North 22 St. • Carlisle, MA 209, • (652)-562 7220


Profile: Dedicated, resourceful, and passionate education professional with an accomplished career promoting quality education in the capacities of Elementary School Teacher and Early Childhood Resource Specialist.

Strengths: Administrative Acumen, Turnkey Training, Curriculum Development and Implementation, Schooland District-wide Program Planning, School Improvement Initiatives, Student-Teacher Support, Classroom Teaching, Grant Writing, and Committee Involvement.

City University of Utah-Master of Arts in Elementary Education, 1994
St. John's College for Women-Bachelor of Arts, 1964


State of Utah Certified-Certification for Administration and Supervision, 2002
Utah State Licensed-Early Childhood and Common Branches, 2002



  • Upon inception of Utah's Primary Standards in English Language Arts, served as a Turnkey Trainer for District 35 elementary schools.
  • Attended grade-level conferences and presented new curriculums to district-wide faculty members.
  • Provided teachers with practical strategies for differentiated lesson plans and multidisciplinary thematic units.
  • Linked teachers with the Early Childhood Literacy Assessment System (ECLAS) as a vital assessment tool.
  • Conducted one-to-one in-class demonstrations to familiarize teachers with lesson-specific materials, new teaching standards, and effective implementation techniques.
  • Communicate with teachers to monitor developments in Language Arts and Social Studies while ensuring the effective application of teaching methods to accommodate classroom size and ethnic composition.


  • Formulated a Music- and Art-based program designed to teach Language Arts skills to a non-Englishspeaking student population from more than 40 countries (pre-Kindergarten through third grade).
  • Developed a Whole Language Reading curriculum based on Scott Foresman's Celebrate Reading series.
  • Guided the implementation of numerous parent-school communication programs.
  • Developed and implemented a parent workshop, Literacy Centers: What They Are and What They Teach.
  • PTA President's Council Evening Meetings: Conducted Learning Math Through the Use of Manipulatives.
  • Designed monthly workshops for pre-Kindergarten teachers, educational assistants, and family assistants.


  • Teaching Math through Music, Utah Early Childhood Conference, 2001
  • Parent workshop: When Will Your Child Read? 2001
  • Music workshop to facilitate reading, math, social studies, science, art, and music lessons, 2000
  • Open-ended art workshop for pre-Kindergarten teachers at the school-wide level, 1999
  • Early Childhood Literacy for Teachers, Kindergarten through Second Grade, 1997
  • Good Literature Promotes a Love of Reading and Increases Skills for Teachers, 1996
  • Training Kindergarten teachers to use new literature-based reading series, 1994
  • ESL Trends, Methods, and Materials for Kindergarten Teachers, Kingsbridge Community College, 1990

England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, India, and Nepal

Hazleton Scholarship, Summer Seminar Program, India, and Nepal, 2001

  • Traveled across India, from New Delhi to Calcutta, and Nepal, receiving a hands-on education in broad aspects of various political systems, government structures, educational systems, sciences, art, music, customs, and traditions reflected in a social studies curriculum project developed upon return to the U.S.

Delegate Member, Citizen Ambassador Program, South Africa, 1996

  • Attended workshops with South African teachers, administrators, and government officials.
  • Conducted a workshop in Cape Town for teachers with more than 80 students.
  • Successfully proposed the reassignment of classes to achieve a 1:20 student-teacher ratio; the Buddy System; cooperative learning; Family Literacy; and English as a Second Language for parents.
  • Nominated as a member of the South African-American Early Childhood Congress.


Chairperson, On-site Planning Committee, District 35, 1985-1998

  • Spearheaded a one-year team effort to improve reading scores across all grade levels. - Led teams in the development and implementation of test sophistication materials designed to identify and evaluate the source of individual learning deficiencies with a focus on skill mastery. - Successfully increased the school's reading scores by 14%.
  • Encouraged parents' participation on a daily basis and at meetings to share information and elicit valuable suggestions having an impact on the development of school-wide programs.
Member, Parents Advisory Committee, District 35, 1998-2002
Member, Early Childhood Community Coordination Committee, District 35, 1998-2002
Chairperson, Social Committee, District 35, 1987-1998


District 35, Salt Lake City, Utah
Early Childhood Resources Specialist, 1998-present

Public School 27, Salt Lake City, Utah
Teacher, Early Childhood Literacy through the Arts, 1997-1998
All-Day Kindergarten Teacher, 1990-1996
Second-Grade Teacher, 1986-1990
All-Day Kindergarten Teacher, 1984-1985

Public School 12, Salt Lake City, Utah
All-Day Kindergarten Teacher, 1983-1984
Second-Grade Teacher, 1982-1983
Vocal Music Teacher, Second through Sixth Grades, 1978-1982
First-Grade Teacher, 1974-1978


President's Grant, Schoolyard Playground
Charlotte Hill Grant, School Band
$10,000 Implementation Grant for School Improvement Plans: Reading and Math Workbooks, K-6

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