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Sample VP e-HR Resume

Mary Johnson Gray
27 Happy colony, Dallas, Texas 75326 • Tel. No: 123-649-88877 • Email

Specialist in the Creation and Implementation of Leading-Edge Corporate HR Initiatives

DYNAMIC AND HIGHLY SKILLED STRATEGIC HR EXECUTIVE credited with building and leading award-winning and best-in-class Human Resources initiatives in the areas of cultural transformation, organizational change, e-Human Resources, and employee development. Career expertise designing, creating, launching, and leading innovative programs to enhance corporate culture, improve employee performance, and support change across the organization. Highly skilled in communications, mentoring, and integrating diverse teams around a common vision.

Key areas of speciality include

  • Values-Based Initiatives
  • e-Human Resources
  • Organizational Change
  • Learning & Education
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership & Mentoring
  • Merger & Acquisition Integration
  • Restructuring & Revitalization
  • HR Policy, Process, & Systems Design
  • HRIS Technology Solutions

    TELCO COMMUNICATIONS INC., Augusta, Alberta 1997-Present

    Vice President-e-Human Resources (2002-Present)

    Selected to lead the strategizing and implementation of a best-in-class online HR function integrating Recruitment, Performance, Recognition, and HR Administration for 30,000 employees nationally. Defined and spearheaded all strategic work to meet four key measurables: to build a self-service model, reduce HR costs, build a high-performance corporate culture, and enhance Data / IP skills across the organization. Concurrently responsible for Ombudsman, HR Website Design and Maintenance, Equity & Ethics, and Workplace Accommodation functions.

    • Created in-house e-performance management system currently used by all managers across all lines of business enterprise-wide.
    • Introduced a highly successful online data / IP learning curriculum and corresponding learning management system; success of program and efficacy of communications evidenced by 11,000 users within first 60 days.
    • Sourced, purchased, and implemented RecruitSoft to enable and facilitate e-recruiting function.
    • Championed and currently chairing e-Human Resources Steering Committee consisting of key crossfunctional stakeholders.

    Vice President-Learning Services / Chief Learning Officer(2000-2002)

    Built, launched, and guided internal "corporate university" designed to provide training and performance enhancement across the areas of Technology, Management, Sales, and Marketing. Established Learning Services model, assembled the leadership team, and built the curricula to support and develop over 30,000 employees. Managed $22 million budget and 147-person staff.

    • Recognized opportunity to sell technology, management, and sales training modules worldwide- concurrently managed this independent business entity that generated an additional $5 million in annual revenue.

    Vice President-Enterprise-Wide Change for People (1999-2000)

    Seconded on 8-month project to spearhead and launch enterprise-wide cultural transformation to establish pillars of high performance across the organization. As leader of the "Energy Team," surveyed 1,000 employees, communicated and branded 4 core values, and launched supporting performance management system (Team Machine).

    • Built communications strategy around hugely successful 4-hour "Igniter Sessions" that delivered new values, culture, and strategy to over 23,000 employees in person across 45 cities in less than 6 months.
    • Following rollout, Pulse Check Analysis identified 78% increase in how engaged employees were in TELCO values.
    • Initiative recently won International Verizon Leadership Award for excellence in Leadership and Cultural Change (January 2004).
    • Feature articles in Telecom Edge (May 2003) and Business in Augusta (December 2003).

    Vice President-Human Resources (1997-1999) Selected to lead all HR functions throughout TELCO Alberta-payroll, labour-relations, policy, compensation, and learning-and spearhead all critical HR process changes. Concurrently represented HR interests through 2 major corporate mergers.

    • Led HR due diligence team for ABCTel merger-investigated HR practices, labour relations climate, contracts, and associated costs, and reported into Prime Due Diligence team.
    • Created highly successful career transition structure and processes to support corporate restructuring- recognized as one of the top initiatives throughout North America for its creativity, support, efficacy, and feedback.
    • Led successful cultural merger following purchase and integration of PEN-Tel.
    • Spearheaded extensive values-based work to support ABCTel merger, effectively identifying, branding, and communicating the new organization's core values.

    AGM LIMITED, Augusta, Alberta 1986-1997
    (Alberta-based telecommunications company-merged into TELCO Alberta 1997)

    Director-Employee Programs & Services (1994-1997)

    Coordinated creation and maintenance of all HR policies and services prior to merger. Established and administered all policies concerning compensation, payroll, pension, administration, benefits, and labour relations.

    • Beta-tested first SAP payroll in Canada-oversaw massive conversion process and led organization through smooth implementation.
    • Successfully introduced a new flex benefit program accepted by both unionized and non-unionized workforce- effectively negotiated with all bargaining units and communicated program across entire corporation.
    • Reduced costs through exhaustive cost analyses and updated policies annually to consistently meet proprietary and growth needs.

    Director-Organization Development(1993-1994)
    Selected to lead change-management priorities throughout AGM, with particular focus on restructuring initiatives in anticipation of PEN-Tel merger.

    • Built highly successful career transition model to support restructuring-developed strategy, created and communicated process, and effectively supported restructuring of 2,800 employees representing 25% of the total AGM workforce.

    Director-Management & Quality Education (1990-1993)

    Developed and launched in-house training and development division providing Total Quality training and Management development programs across the organization. Defined the strategy, developed the curricula, and coordinated the launch and management of all learning programs. Managed staff of 22 direct reports.

    Previous AGM positions include
    Finance Supervisor
    Finance Training Supervisor
    Total Quality Training


    Executive Management Program in Telecommunications University of Southern California, 2002
    Revitalizing the Workforce Center for Creative Leadership, Greensbow, NC, 1997
    Human Resource Executive Program University of Michigan, 1996
    PSOD (Organizational Development) National Training Labs, Alexandria, VA, 1991
    Personnel Administration (with Distinction) University of Augusta, 1988
    BA-Psychology / B.Ed. Pinehurst University, 1979


    Advisory Board-University of Augusta, Augusta, AB 2002-Present
    Advisory Board-University of Augusta (TELCO Centre for Management Development) 1989-2001
    Board-USC Center for Telecommunications Management (Marshall School of Business) 1998-2000
    President / Chair-Skills Alberta, Augusta, AB 1990-1998
    Advisory Board-Simon Pritchard University, Centennial, BC 1998-2000
    HR Management Committee-Saint Royal College, Augusta, AB 1998-2000
    Chair-Conference Board Education Forum 1988-1991

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