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The individual wanted to move to the next level in his career path but couldn't do so at his company. The writer created a strong profile that mentions three leadership strengths with achievements to support those strengths. The Professional Experience section tells the applicant's success stories and shows the range of his abilities. He sent his first resume to a major industry player in his community, and he landed a new position at the level he was seeking.

Sample VP of Operations Resume

William Kales
8322, North 22 St. • Carlisle, MA 209, • (652)-562 7220.


Customer- and quality-focused business executive who provides the strategic vision and leadership that drive operational process, productivity, efficiency and bottom-line improvements at multisite manufacturing organizations.

Expert in combining financial and business planning with tactical execution to optimize long-term gains in performance, revenues and profitability. Breadth of experience in quality and manufacturing operations, including lean concepts, Six Sigma, root cause and Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) analysis, team concepts total preventive maintenance, setup reduction and standard work. Leadership philosophy promotes employee participation in creative problem solving to contribute to organizational success.

Career Highlights:

Change Agent: Transformed a struggling business unit by using Kaizen principles that slashed hourly costs from $120 to $59, boosted on-time delivery from 48% to 97%, increased productivity metrics from 43% to 98% and reduced scrap from $1.65 million to only $325,000—all within 2 years. Quality and Customer Champion: Instituted a CAPA and Quality Control Process Control (QCPC) that cut escapes to customers by 45% in 6 months and reduced Material Review Board (MRB) scrap by $3.4 million. Team Builder and Coach: Boosted productivity 30% in a union operation by listening to root issues, forming teams to troubleshoot problems and fostering strong relationships among salaried and hourly staff.



Direct all manufacturing and assembly functions of 15 instruments produced by Brownstone and Worldwide Service. Manage team of 130 plus supplier and buyer relationships. Accountable for $25 million in OEM sales and $35 million in service warranties. Implement quality metrics to track business needs and lead diverse projects. Collaborate with R&D on products in development.

  • Rescued an OEM manufacturing operation struggling with declining employee motivation, poor process flow and escalating rework inventory at 34% of work in process. Initiated multiple process improvements for work instructions, tooling and testing—creating a visual factory. Results:
    • 53% reduction in work in progress (WIP), beating operating costs for 2 quarters.
    • Cost-per-unit decrease of $100 below goal, with instruments now priced at $434 less than 2004.
    • Excellent finished-goods inventory with no backorders for 2 consecutive quarters.
    • Improved employee knowledge of business operations and streamlined product flow.
  • Tapped to lead development of Worldwide Service Strategy and rolled out the new initiative in the Netherlands in February 2006. Established standard quality metrics such as value stream mapping (VSM), employee training and technical protocols for service upgrades and bulletins that improved communication and instrument repair services worldwide. Results:
    • Clipped turnaround time from 38 to 22 days in 6 months, with a target goal of 2 days by year's end.
    • Decreased turnbacks in process by 48% and reduced integration issues by 63%.
  • Initiated physical inventory ofMRB Material, which included $5.3 million of unused inventory and potential scrap. Implemented controls for inventory management, created teams to rework inventory and worked with suppliers to resolve issues. Results:
  • Cut MRB to $1.9 million in 6 months with only $200,000 of scrap; reduced new orders on materials by 40%.
  • Established compliant controls on inventory supporting Sarbanes-Oxley. Created more of a can-do attitude among employees.

  • Executed daily tracking procedures for Cost-of-Poor Quality, daily production output and financial tracking for instrument costs. Results:
    • Consistent daily production output; below-budget average product cost, optimizing the bottom line; 62% reduction in run rate.

Fast-track progression to senior-level operations management positions of multimillion-dollar divisions and business units with multiple product lines.

Challenged to turn around a nonperforming operation and effected a successful culture change throughout the division that focused all personnel on product quality and delivery plan execution. Supervised a team of 300 in repair operations and held full P&L accountability for budgeting, sales and asset management. Tasked with new product implementation and growing the existing line. Results:

  • Built sales from $32 million to $73 million in 2004. ROS spiked from 11% to 28% of the business fixed at 15% ROS opportunity with military contracts. Results:
    • Cut average turnaround time (TAT) from 76 days to 18 with on-time delivery percentage ending at 98% through rollout of lean concepts and standardized repair processes.
    • Customer satisfaction ranked 6.3 out of 7.
  • Devised plan that addressed monumental issues with aged material and uncontrolled inventory. Worked closely with other businesses to launch the Unit's inventory management system and SAP, as one of the first units to implement system company-wide. Results:
    • Led Unit to win recognition as the flagship of all aftermarket businesses in inventory control, as well as achieve the best Sarbanes-Oxley audit in the company in 2003.
    • Wrote off $5 million in inventory by building cribs and putting controls in place to better manage materials, allowing Unit to become compliant with PriceWaterhouse audit criteria.
  • Spearheaded strategies that improved processes and delivery performance and reversed losses of $1,000 per unit delivered, saving a $17 million military contract that was in jeopardy. Teamed with the Contracts department to amend a military contract, recouping more money for products serviced.


Brought on board to reduce costs, improve delivery performance and correct major quality issues. Directed a team of 146 and managed $14 million budget. Cut hourly production costs by $27 and improved delivery from 53% to 98% by creating a visual factory and established cells in machining areas.

Prior: Quality Unit Leader/Senior Supervisor (1991-1995); Quality Supervisor (1986-1991)


Executive MBA-UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA, Atlanta, GA, 2003
1 BS in Business-UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, Raleigh, NC, 2001

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